Strength & Cardio

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Strength & Cardio Classes

  • 50-Minute & 30-Minute
  • Over 100 Classes Weekly
  • LesMills™, AMP,™ WAYMO™
  • DanceFIIT, Barre, Hot Cardio
  • Strengthen the Heart & Lungs
  • Barbells, Cardio, Core Workouts
  • Increase Blood Flow to Muscles
  • Best Instructors, High Energy
  • Get Best Results
  • 50-Minute
  • Original Barbell Class
  • Sculpt, Tone, Strengthen
  • Squat, Press, Lift, Curls
  • Get in Shape Fast
  • 30-Minute
  • H.I.I.T. Series
  • Strength & Cardio
  • Results Focused
  • High Intensity, Burn Calories
  • 50-Minute
  • Strength, Cardio, Core
  • Wide Variety of Moves
  • Motivating Workout
  • All Fitness Levels
  • 30-Minute
  • Ultimate Core Workout
  • Strength, Stability, Endurance
  • Abdominals, Glutes, Back
  • Balance & Injury Prevention
  • 50-Minute
  • Inspired by Martial Arts
  • Karate & Boxing
  • Taekwondo & Muay Thai
  • Cardio Workout
  • 50-Minute
  • Sports Cardio Workout
  • Builds Strength & Stamina
  • High Energy Interval Training
  • Shown Moves for Low Impact
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  • 50-Minute
  • Low Impact H.I.I.T.
  • TRX® Kettlebells & Dumbbells
  • Balance, Core & Cardio
  • High Energy Workout
  • 50-Minutes
  • Cross Training Class
  • Lead By Personal Trainer
  • Workouts Rotate Daily
  • Strength, Speed & Agility
  • Breakfast Club for Early Risers


  • 50-Minute
  • Dance & Cardio Class
  • Strength Training Intervals
  • Uplift, Tone & Sculpt
  • High Intensity, Burns Calories

Sweat Sculpt

  • 50-Minute 
  • Heated Class 
  • Strength & Core
  • Cardio & Yoga Moves
  • Bring Yoga Mat & Towel
  • For Intermediate to Advanced Participants

Hot Cardio Sculpt

  • 50-Minute Yoga
  • Heat Class
  • High Intensity
  • Greater Focus on Cardio
  • Bring Yoga Mat & Towel
  • For Intermediate to Advanced Participants

Athletic Stretch

  • 30-Minute
  • Great for Post Workout
  • Enhance Core Strength
  • Improve Balance & Flexibility
  • Faster Workout Recovery
  • Supports Avoiding Injuries

Fast Feed Tennis

  • 50-Minute
  • Fee Based Class
  • Class Held in Tennis Center
  • Heart Racing, Fast Paced
  • Very Fun & Social
  • All Tennis Levels Welcome

Progressive Strength

  • 45-Minute
  • Fee Based Class
  • (6) Classes Weekly
  • (12) Week Sessions
  • Full Body Strength Training
  • Build Muscle Mass
  • Improve Form & Endurance
  • Motivating Group Energy

Barre Intensity

  • 50-Minute
  • Combines Pilates & Dance
  • Movements to Fatigue Muscles
  • Elevates Heart Rate
  • Upper & Lower Body Workout

Full Body Tone

  • 50-Minute
  • Ultimate Early Morning Workout 
  • Combines Barre & Pilates
  • Cardio & Light Strength Training
  • Barre & Pilates Burn for Results
  • Track Your Workout
  • TV Monitors Throughout Club
  • Follow Your Heart Rate
  • Game Changing Wearable
  • Reward Effort over Ability
  • Earn Points or MPS Goal

Class Schedule

Reservations are required for classes marked with an *

MON5:30 AMLM Body PumpRickLarge
MON5:45 AMProgressive Strength*BetsySmall
MON8:30 AMLM Body PumpTamaraLarge
MON9:00 AMFast Feed*TeamTennis
MON9:00 AMAqua Aerobics (75min)SuePool
MON9:00 AMPrecision CyclingSharonCycle
MON9:30 AMBarre IntensityCaseyLarge
MON10:30 AMHot Cardio SculptBrooke R.Small
MON10:30 AMAMPKaitlynAMP
MON10:40 AMYAHReubenLarge
MONNoonLM Body PumpJennifer R.Large
MONNoonWarm Flow YogaJamieSmall
MON4:30 PMLM Body PumpSteveLarge
MON5:00 PMWarm Flow YogaBen P.Small
MON5:30 PMSpinergyCaseyCycle
MON5:30 PMLM GritMasonLarge
MON6:00 PMDanceFIITAshleyLarge
MON6:00 PMFast Feed*TBATennis
TUE5:30 AMPrecision CyclingLizCycle
TUE5:30 AMLM Body AttackCorinneLarge
TUE8:30 AMPilates PlusLizLarge
TUE8:30 AMLM GritBetsySmall
TUE9:30 AMPrecision CycleRaynaCyle
TUE9:00 AMFast Feed*TBATennis
TUE9:30 AMDanceFIITBiancaLarge
TUE10:30 AMFlow YogaNicole Small
TUENoonHot Mat PilatesBrooke C.Small
TUENoonBarre IntensityJordanLarge
TUENoonLM Sprint (30min)SteveCycle
TUE12:35 PMLM CoreSteveAMP
TUE5:30 PMHot Cardio SculptBrooke R.Small
TUE5:30 PMLM Body PumpMasonLarge
TUE5:30 PMPrecision CycleTiffanyCycle
TUE6:00 PMFast Feed*TBATennis
WED5:30 AMLM Body PumpRickLarge
WED8:30 AMLM Body PumpCorinneLarge
WED9:00 AMAqua Aerobics (75min)SuePool
WED9:00 AMFast Feed*TBATennis
WED9:00 AMLM RPMRaynaCycle
WED9:30 AMLM ToneJennifer R.Large
WED10:40 AMYAHRuebenLarge
WEDNoonFunctional StrengthJennifer R.Large
WEDNoonHot Flow YogaJennifer K.Small
WED4:30 PMLM Pump Express/LM CoreSteveLarge
WED4:45 PMHot Cardio Sculpt (45)KateSmall
WED5:30 PMLM Body FlowLee Ann KLarge
WED6:00 PMFast Feed*TBATennis
WED6:00 PMHot Power YogaMelissa Small
THU5:30 AMFull Body ToneMelissaLarge
THU5:30 AMLM RPMCaseyCycle
THU8:30 AMPilates PlusLizLarge
THU8:30 AMLM GritBetsySmall
THU9:00 AMFast Feed*TBATennis
THU9:30 AMDanceFIITAnneLarge
THU9:00AMPrecision CycleSharonCycle
THU10:30 AMFlow YogaCatherineSmall
THUNoonHot Power FlowJennifer K.Small
THUNoonHIIT SpinAshley F.Cycle
THU12:35 PMLM CoreShannonLarge
THU4:45 PMLM GritCarolineLarge
THU5:30 PMLM Body PumpJennifer R.Large
THU5:30 PMLM RPMSteveCycle
THU6:00 PMHot Flow YogaJillSmall
THU6:00 PMFast Feed*TBATennis
FRI5:30 AMLM Pump Express/LM CoreCorinneLarge
FRI8:30 AMLM Body PumpCarolineLarge
FRI9:00 AMFast Feed*TBATennis
FRI9:00 AMAqua AerobicsSuePool
FRI9:30 AMBarreBrooke R./KateLarge
FRI9:30 AMSpinergyCaseyCycle
FRI10:30 AMSweat SculptBetsySmall
FRI10:30 AMAMPMelissaAMP
FRI10:40 AMYAHReubenLarge
FRINoonLM Body PumpSteveLarge
FRINoon LM GritJennifer R.Small
SAT8:15 AMLM Body PumpRickLarge
SAT8:30 AMSaturday SpinTiffanyCycle
SAT8:30 AMFast Feed*TBATennis
SAT9:30 AMLM Body AttackBrooke R.Large
SAT9:30 AMYoga in the GardenTeamBGOzarks
SAT9:30 AMFast Feed*TBATennis
SAT10:45 AMDanceFIITAshleyLarge
SUN1:30 PMBarre IntensityJordanLarge
SUN1:30 PMFlow Yoga (90min)JillSmall
SUN2:30 PMSpinergyTeamCycle
SUN2:30 PMLM Body PumpSharon Large